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Current Projects

OuterJazz is now in progress!  This is the next era in my music, featuing influences from lounge, house, chillout, drum'n'bass and trance.  I'm using Cubase 4's new Play Order Track feature which makes for some very useful and interesting arrangements, well suited to live performance.  I have consolidated a number of tracks and am "playing them in" before freezing the repertoire and getting out to do some live work.


Meanwhile, I'm preparing to add some ideas to the next Max Roach Park album at the invitation of Dan Wilson and Mark Huggett (go here for information on their first album).  This is a very innovative collection of tracks and I hope that I will be able to add some additional interest to the music.


The Esoterica project is now on the back burner for the time being.  Meanwhile, I've started composing the next set of pieces for the jazz album to follow "Changes"


Finally, there's a good prospect of playing the Portaits and Changes repertoire Live in Cape Town with drummer David Novis and others.  We are rehearsing soon and with luck will be ready for the public in a month or two.