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OuterJazz is what it says - jazz based ideas beyond the limits of your conscious mind (well, mine at least!).  Here are some glimpses of what's going on at the moment, designed to be played live using Yamaha Motif XS7 and Roland RD170 keyboards along with sampled versions of the tracks, and possibly FL Studio and Cubase running on a laptop down the track. 

Watch this space for more to follow as the tracks become available ...

  • AfroTrance - FL Studio backtrack with solos done using HALion One's unbelievably authentic  Fender Rhodes patch

  • Another Day Another Year - Motif XS7 bassline and screaming guitar with RD170 acoustic piano solo.  Groove Agent 3 provides the beats

  • BuddhaNature - moving away from pure jazz towards lounge / chillout style

  • Threshold - exploring the inner awareness, sound, space, and beyond into the depth of existence

  • Festival - filled with mystery, passion and the excitement of the carnival