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The tracks on this album were started almost immediately after the release of my first CD (Portraits) at the end of 2005.  At this time I was in the process of mentally preparing for a major move in my life, namely from the apartment in Sea Point (with the magnificent view of the ocean), and from my executive job with a multinational corporate.  My bedroom studio continued to serve me well, but I was becoming anxious to establish a dedicated room along with approporiate acoustic treatment.  This would only happen once I had bought myself my own home, and 2006 was the year when all of this was to happen.


But progress was slow.  By the middle of 2006 I had a handful of tracks in the can, but from that point onwards things started slowing down due to a trip overseas (when I bought my Mackies) , and then a three month period at the end of the year where I was busy negotiating my departure from my day job, whilst also finalising the purchase of my new home.


It was then a matter of seeing to the renovations, and equipping the studio, where I finally started recording once again in April 2007.


And it was stop-start again, because of my need to establish myself as a management consultant (in order to continue paying for my musical excursions!), and another trip overseas in September 2007.


On my return, I had cleared my mind, and was ready to finish this project, targeting the end of the year.  And as it happened, the final master was produced on 1 January 2008!


So, apart from the changes spanning 30 years of my life (which is the context of the album), the production itself took place during a 2 year period of massive change in my own life, and this is surely also reflected in the compositional, performance and overall production content.


Cape Town, 2008