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The music on this album (composed between 1977 and 2006) encapsulates my musical experiences of the past 30 years - the first ten in Johannesburg and London, the remainder in South Africa.


The repertoire reveals a variety of musical styles and influences from jazz fusion through Afro-Caribbean soul calypso (soca) to acid jazz and plain swing.  The music recalls the great artists with whom I have been privileged to work, notably Johnny Fourie (guitar) with whom I had deep musical relationship spanning 32 years until his death in 2007, and Calypsonian singers Blue Boy and Explainer with whom I worked during their London concert season in the early eighties. 


The album draws its title from a composition of the same name written in 1980.  At this time (in London) I intuitively sensed that I was heading for massive upheaval, but had no idea what nor when.  It transpired that I came home to South Africa 7 years later and for various reasons my musical life went into retreat for the next 12 years.


Having stepped back onto my musical path at the turn of the century, I found that I now had the creative insights and skills which I had fervently sought in my formative years.  I eagerly started the process of composing seriously again, and also recalled some of my music from the early years.  The resulting album “Portraits” signals the re-commencement of my creative processes, and this follow-up album completes the portfolio of compositions which I have chosen to represent the past 30 years of my colourful musical journey. 


I humbly pay homage to my teachers, mentors and musicians who have enabled me to absorb their influences and to shape my own musical style. This album is dedicated to all of you.


And now, I sense that I am yet again on the cusp of something new - the changes are happening all over again