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1  Realization 6:28

The turning point in life knowing what is, and wondering what will be biding my time (1999)

2 Diminished Dream 4:57

Playing tricks with symmetry, and then not; weaving tension and relaxation with melody (2006)

3 High Flite  7:59

Everything is inverted, colours look heavenly; over and over the horizon we go (1977)

4  Salsify Your Soul  6:43

Crowded places, party atmosphere, throbbing with the infectious rhythms of the Caribbean, dancing with joy (1983)

5 New York Blues 6:07

Bursting to break out, anticipating change, not knowing which way to turn, yet knowing the road ahead (1979)

6 Red Herring 4:35

Lucy’s bones are beckoning, but what motivates the chase? (2002)

7 Changes  7:39

Life changes, mood changes, chord changes! Shapes and shades are constantly moving (1980)

8  The Last Duet 7:01

Alone, together, quietly exploring the thoughts and feelings that were and still are the common parts of our duality (1985)

9 Six Eight Waltz 7:42

Is it two, is it three? Forget all; dance with the drummers; engage with the spirits (2001)

10 For  Bill  4:49 

Elegy to a spiritual father, always seeking perfection perhaps it is perpetually elusive (1981)