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Having many years ago set my goals towards composing, performing and producing an album I can now look back and really understand myself better. 


When I was younger I had an almost obsessive drive towards writing music, perfecting my pianist technique, understanding how melody and harmony coexist, and how to internalize the many rhythms that have always excited me.  I lived it.


As I got older and was taken down the various avenues of life that result from making family and "career" commitments I had to preserve what I had learned whilst maintain my connection with my music.  This was tough at times but I was assisted by my dedication to the gift of music, always respecting my talents and the belief that I would lose them otherwise.


This first album represents my struggle to keep my musical spirit alive through the turmoils of life, and is a reflection of the joy I find in looking back and understanding what it all means. 


The pieces are all about people, and places.  I have always captured the essence of my relationships (whether yet-to-be, in progress, or fondly remembered), and the places that are dear to me, in musical images, forming shapes with melodic lines, and harmonic structures and moods that recall my experiences of these encounters - some more profound than others!


Cape Town, 2005