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It’s been a 30 year journey to reach this milestone (my first complete album!) on the way towards my musical vision and destiny, both of which remain an enigma to me.  It’s as well, because it is only now that I am able to express myself in ways that I wished I could all those years ago, thanks to the impressions that some very special people have made on me, and in no insignificant way, the passage of time. 


Reflecting on the first time I was inspired to compose a piece of music and on practically all subsequent efforts, I recall that it was my way of externalizing the multitude of emotions that always seemed to accompany my relationships, whether they were yet to happen, in full swing (and filled with the inevitable ups and downs which for me, always seemed so intense), in decline, or abruptly ended.  Love was, is, and will no doubt continue to be a consistent theme running through all of my music, and it’s as if this is the solitary raison d’etre for this expression of my art.  Through music I pay tribute to those whom I have loved and who have profoundly influenced my life.


The places I have lived in and visited have introduced me to a richness of musical culture and style through having had the privilege of working with wonderful musicians from many regions on this planet.  I pay homage to my mentors and fellow musicians from whom I have learned so much by incorporating those rhythms, melodies and instrumental sounds into my compositions and improvisations which remind me of their continued presence in my consciousness.