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1 The Matriarch 8:27

Humble tribute to the giver of life, perpetual symbol of strength, continued source of comfort and, within the mortal consciousness, an immortal spirit


2 Inspiration  7:17

The creative flame found yet flickering, yearning to once more find pure expression, the music-soul liberated to rejoin the path of destiny.  What relief


3 Midnite  5:57

Thick, swirling, cold moonlight air, the world blazing in a silvery sheen. Startled by the eerie silence broken by the sound of the creaking farm gate and idling car engine the band still playing?


4 Romance  7:46

A brief encounter the whiff of newness, the soft caress of dreams, meeting at the soul depths, the conjoined abstraction of unitary consciousness all too brief


5 The Potter  5:08

Ancient craft scarce and precious, scattered artifacts, a different time-world, the sense of knowing, waiting, living in another age


6 Someone I Knew  6:39

The trapped / free spirit bursting with life-to-be, searching for the way, playful and intense, finally (and perpetually) garlanded in the thin air of the Andes


7 Motorway  5:45

Fast lane, city lights, anticipation and excitement wealthy for a moment in the world that never sleeps all disappearing when the mission’s over, but here to visit tomorrow once more


8 Bordeaux  7:32

The vision-reality seems not the same but yet is the task, the means, the place, the sounds, the views but where did what followed come from?